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- Reserva natural Pinguinos de Humbolt 

- Valle del elqui

- Observatorios 

- Playa y costanera de la serena

- Playas aledañas 

- Deportes acuáticos

- centro historico

- vida nocturna

- puerto de Coquimbo


La Serena Bay

La Serena has large bay with an extensive boardwalk and cycle path, where it is possible to enjoy the beach, bars, restaurants and craft fairs. Most of the nightlife occurs on the waterfront.


La Serena Downtown

The historic center of La Serena is characterized by it’s colonial architecture and ancient churches. Besides crafts and customs, fairs also make this place a point of interest for many tourists. 


Coquimbo Harbor

In the Coquimbo Region, very close to La Serena is the city of Coquimbo, a city known for its port and its seafood restaurants.


Water sports

On the beach of La Serena you will find schools and rental of equipment for water sports such as Surf and Standup paddle. Another good activity is to learn to do Windsurf in the Puclaro Reservoir located in the Elqui Valley.


The Elqui Valley

Only 45 minutes from La Serena is the Elqui Valley, where you will find picturesque villages and be blown away by its majestic natural landscapes. 

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The Coquimbo Region has one of the clearest skies in the world, which makes it the perfect place to see the Milky Way. In the Elqui Valley you can find a wide variety of astronomical tours.


Humboldt Penguin Nacional Reserve 

This is one of the most coveted destinations in our Region because of the crystalline waters of the island and the chance to see dolphins, penguins, sea lions, whales and a great variety of sea birds during the boat trip. 


Nearby beaches

Very close to La Serena you can find beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and white sands to visit during the day. Some of them are Totoralillo, Guanaqueros, Playa Blanca, Tongoy, and Punta Choros.

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